The health and occupational safety of our employees is our first and greatest value. In this department we involve all areas in a methodical and continuous way.

Health and Safety First

Risks in our activities are dynamic, depending on the locations and types of work. Therefore, we understand that everyone’s involvement is essential, through the creation of an organizational culture based primarily on occupational health and safety.

Before each activity to be performed, our teams seek:

  • Evaluate security issues at each stage of the activity to be carried out;
  • Minimize risks in the workplace;
  • Provide and maintain means of responding promptly in case of an accident;
  • Paralyze any activity if it detects an unsafe work environment.


Our occupational health system is certified according to the international standard ISO-45.001.

This accreditation helps us to maintain the standard used by several clients, but we are always looking to surpass ourselves.

Organizational culture

We believe that all accidents can be prevented and therefore our annual goal is always zero accidents. We continuously seek to promote a safe workplace and processes that guarantee health and safety prevention.

Our goal is to complete each project without any accident or injury. The culture of promoting health and safety at Damasco Penna establishes that all employees have autonomy and responsibility for their own safety and that of their coworkers.

Organization of survey sites

The standardization of drilling and geotechnical testing sites ensures a safe and productive work environment, in addition to promoting the general well-being of employees and visitors to the work front.

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Investigation of non-compliance and accidents

The methodology we adopt for the continuous improvement of our operations is to always seek to anticipate risk situations, through daily safety dialogues, periodic meetings of health and safety committees, as well as consultation and active participation of employees.

When risky situations, incidents or accidents occur, we look for the root cause of the incident, exhaustively investigating the reasons for non-compliance, without looking for culprits or just immediate solutions.

We understand that the work environment must be collaborative and that everyone has the responsibility and authority to prevent work accidents.

"Safe Life" program

In 2021, we implemented an internal employee awareness program on hazards, risks and emergency situations outside the work environment. We named it the “Safe Life Program” and through it we promote training, lectures, daily dialogues and other events related to domestic health and safety.

Through training, lectures and safety dialogues, we raise awareness about domestic dangers, risks and emergency situations, promoting a safer environment for our employees’ families as well.

We believe that in addition to improving everyone’s social well being, this program helps us to create an even stronger culture of focus and obsession with health and safety at work.

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