Our company operates a fleet of moderna and robust drill rigs, able to perform diverse site investigation tests and samples in different kinds of sites all over Brazilian torritory.


As a national company, we offer geotechnical research services, throughout the national territory, with a wide presence.

Damasco counts on one of the most modern fleets of drilling rigs, able to carry out tests in different conditions, and can also carry out the main tests of geotechnical investigation available in the world, geotechnical instrumentation.


Na Damasco Penna, acreditamos que nossa maior força seja a diversidade de profissionais e a capacidade de aprendizado mútuo. Nosso time de profissionais são dedicados à saúde e segurança, operando os melhores equipamentos disponíveis no mercado e usando práticas seguras saúde e segurança no trabalho.

Damasco Penna

We have been transforming the Brazilian geotechnical egineering for over 40 years.

Excellence from beginning to the end

Our company performs diverse geotechnical, geological and geoenvironmental services throughout the Brazilian territory.