With over 40 years of services, Damasco Penna is currently a reference in  geotechnical engineering in Brazil providing geotechnical consultancy services, site investigation, geotechnical instrumentation, geo-environmental investigations, among others..

Our Company

Based on the vision of our founders, engineers Antônio Sérgio Damasco Penna and Yara Monteiro de Arruda Damasco Penna, our objective has always been to combine technical and ethical qualities in each stage of the work carried out. Among them, the continuous qualification of the team, constant search for new technologies, social and environmental responsibility and commitment to the health and safety of our employees.

Nossa empresa é administrada por engenheiros geotécnicos com experiência de campo e intensa atuação acadêmica. Entre nossos cerca de 150 profissionais, contamos com engenheiros, geólogos, técnicos de campo, entre outros profissionais, atuando em conjunto para entregar produtos e serviços com qualidade superior, sempre em consonância com as principais tecnologias atualmente usadas no Brasil e exterior.


Provide geotechnical engineering services with the highest quality, using state-of-the-art technologies, adding value and reducing costs in our clients' projects.


To be recognized worldwide for the excellence of the services we provide.


  • Health and safety above all;
  • Have the preference of our customers;
  • Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability.

Since 2013 our company is certified by ISO standards ISO-9.001, ISO-14.001 e ISO-45.001.

    Our integrated management policy has as fundamental points:



  • Pursuit of continuous improvement in all our products and processes;
  • Minimization of environmental impacts resulting from our activities;
  • Ongoing prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses in our activities, always providing a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Consultation and active participation of employees in health, occupational safety and well-being matters;
  • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements, as well as good corporate governance practices in our industry;
  • Ongoing training for our employees.

Integrated Management System

Alameda Rio Negro nº 1.105
Barueri - São Paulo

Damasco Penna

We have been transforming the Brazilian geotechnical egineering for over 40 years.

Excellence from beginning to the end

Our company performs diverse geotechnical, geological and geoenvironmental services throughout the Brazilian territory.