Sustainability for us means meeting the needs of the present while promoting a better future for the place we live in.


As a company, we have the objective of going beyond what laws or regulations prescribe. We want to make a difference in the community in which we live through concrete, social and environmental actions, and also through direct influence on everyone who is related to Damasco Penna, whether our employees and their families, our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We seek to promote an organizational culture in which all employees feel engaged as they are an active part in consolidating a routine in which health, safety, well-being, diversity and sustainability are part of our lifestyle.

inclusiveness and diversity

Everything we do and conquer is built by our collaborators. We consider the plurality of ideas one of the greatest powers to overcome challenges and we believe that a diverse workforce is one of our company’s main qualities.

Our collaborators must feel valued and know that they have equal conditions for recognition, which will always be based on performance. A primary goal of Damasco Penna is to ensure that people of all backgrounds and genders work together to create a fair, healthy and high-performing organization.

Environmental Management System

We are aware of the potential impact of our activities on the environment and that is why we are committed to the best practices in waste management, strictly complying with all laws, ordinances and specific environmental standards of each contract through a system certified by ISO-14001.

Our operations routinely include:

  • Appropriate disposal of waste from our activities;
  • Selective collection at workstations and operating sites;
  • Maintenance of procedures for action in case of environmental emergencies;
  • Sustainability indicators monitoring;
  • Minimization of environmental impacts arising from our activities.

One Tree Project

This program was designed as a way to contribute to the recovery of deforested areas in the Atlantic Forest.

Started in 2020, for each survey or test we carry out, we plant a native species seedling from this biome.

Click here to find out more about this project

Click here to find out more about this project.

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